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Patti Bennion
We have not been able to update existing contact records on a BP using the DTW.  We're wondering if others have had problems and what some of the pitfalls might be.  We are on version 2004a.   We've… (Show more)
Barbara Peterson
Is there a way to add a golden arrow or some kind lookup to the business partner screen that would bring up a query containing golden arrows?  A formatted search associated with a UDF does not work… (Show more)
Abdul Razak
i need to make analysis how much item that come in my warehouse and how much was sold in ar invoice
Larry Bowdish
We use windows 10.  The latest update is giving us fits with drop down boxes not working, unable to change ship to address, and just normal useage. Have other people found this to be the case?  We… (Show more)
Hi, In the query below, I want to add posting data and the user name for posting, then what should be done? SELECT T0.CardName 'Customer Name' ,T0.DocDate 'Document Date' ,'AR Invoice' 'SOP Type'… (Show more)
Richard Duffy
One of the great things about SAP Business One is how easy it is to build queries using the Query Manager andget access to the information you need thats stored inside your SAP Business One system.  … (Show more)
Brad W
I am looking for either an SAP B1 report or query that would provide information on the average days each of our customers take to pay our invoices.
Richard Duffy
A little bit of SAP Business One History (for context) When SAP Business One was first built in Israel in the mid 90’s as a product for the Mac OS called OCEK (Practitioner in English) it was… (Show more)
Mohd Danish
Hi Expert,   Help needed ! SELECT  t0."DocNum" AS "DocNum", T0."DocDate" AS "Date", T1."ItemCode" AS "ItemCode",     T1."Dscription" AS "ItemDesc", t3."ItmsGrpNam", T1."Quantity" AS "Received… (Show more)
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