SAP teams up with customers and offers opportunities to influence SAP products and solutions

Customer Connection is the channel for customers designed to gradually enhance and improve existing SAP products and solutions currently in mainstream maintenance. This process is 100% customer driven and your participation can make a difference.


Based on a simple process, SAP and SAP customers following a project approach to collaborate. Each project starts with defined themes, or Focus Topics, (e.g. PLM PPM, EAM-Plant)


COLLECT – SAP customers influence by suggesting small enhancements, or Improvement Requests, to products and solutions they are using today.


SELECT – SAP customers get updates and build support for Improvement Requests.




DEVELOPMENT – SAP customers support the SAP development team by providing feedback to specification of an improvement and supporting the test activities.


USE – Delivery of improvements takes place via SAP notes and Support Packages for fast and non-disruptive adoption.


Examples of top downloaded notes:




Step in to Customer Connection by searching for useful improvements and applying the related notes in your productive systems on You can search relevant improvements by Line of Business, Industry and/or Application.




Watch the Customer Connection intro on the SAP YouTube channel.