The ASUG Virginia  Chapter  invites you to join us at our next ASUG Virginia Chapter meeting on April 6th at Fairfax Water in Northern Virginia. 




Meeting highlights include:

  • Preparing the way from ECC to S/4HANA
  • Creating ROI on the road to HANA
  • Customer story from Loudoun Water on mobilizing SAP Geo.e
  • SAP Public Sector Roadmap


Here is our schedule at a glance:

Schedule at a Glance


7:30 a.m.Registration & Breakfast
8:00 a.m.Chapter Welcome
8:15 a.m.AM Sessions
12:15 p.m.Lunch
12:45 p.m.Water Tour
1:30 pmPM Sessions
2:30 p.m.Chapter Giveaways, Adjorn


Hopefully at lunch too we will have some time for a water plant tour.

Special thanks to our sponsors:



These are all new sponsors to the chapter.

Kirk Fackre of Symtrax will discuss challenges and approaches to organizing and clouding critical documents while putting out the trash. By so doing, your organization will save time journey to S/4HANA and in-memory money when you get there.  Moving sooner rather than later to a hybrid Cloud (SAP Cloud Platform is one good choice) lets you keep the ECC engine running while future proofing your SAP investment

Titan believes a company of any size can experience ROI on their journey to HANA. Through archiving, BI, Automation, Mobility, and beyond, Titan has helped companies put more money in their pocket and deciding how to best go about their HANA journey. From our suite of mobile apps, easyApps, to HANA implementations and architecture, we believe a company of any size can compete and take advantage of a cloud platform in the digital age.  Presented by Joseph Lamb

David Turner of M-Files will present this session: One of the challenges for many enterprise information management (EIM) initiatives is the volume, variety and velocity of data that organizations manage continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. And while that information holds massive potential for businesses that harness it successfully, it also presents incredible difficulties, such as the increasing emergence of dark data. Learn how forward-looking organizations are turning to meta-driven EIM platforms to help illuminate their dark data.


Loudoun Water Mobilizes SAP's Geo.e for Improved Field Operations: Since implementing SAP’s mapping technology, Geo.e, Loudoun Water has worked to deliver the benefits of an integrated geospatial solution to its 150+ operations staff when they are working in the field. The challenge was to find an easy way for these workers to manage their daily workload while eliminating an inefficient and labor-intensive paper-based process. To address this challenge, Loudoun Water selected, configured and deployed a water-industry focused GIS-enabled mobile solution and suite of apps to automate specific business functions including hydrant flushing, meter management, construction inspection and notification creation. By combining the power of GIS and GPS, coupled with integration to the SAP core system and delivered to a mobile device, we have empowered field users to manage their assigned work on a map and made it simple to create orders and notifications by interacting with a mobile GIS map. This presentation will provide an overview of the project drivers, mobile solution implementation, SAP integration, benefits and future plans.    Key Business Benefits:  - It's quick and easy to raise a notification in SAP from the field by tapping on a GPS-enabled map  - Field staff can manage daily workload from an iPad, with or without internet  - Makes good business sense: leverages our investment in SAP and GIS using a cloud-hosted solution that doesn't require more internal IT infrastructure to run.  Presented by Craig Lees


We are excited to have Marlyn Zelkowitz return to give SAP Public Sector Roadmap: S/4HANA  presentation.  SAP S/4HANA is at the core of our digital platform for public sector. Join SAP software experts to learn about planned innovations and future road maps, including topics such as public sector management, simplification of public sector financials, SAP Fiori apps, and other items on the official SAP industry road map


Special thanks to our table sponsors Justin Sotelo of Security Weaver and Alan Tan of Utegration.

.  Special thanks too to Vistex for being a sponsor.


We promise to have some great giveaways and our ASUG Community Coordinator has already sent some fantastic ASUG "swag".  Usually Fairfax Water has some giveaways too but no promises...


See you there?