Stop by to find out how YOU can influence SAP while you are attending the Philadelphia Chapter meeting on March 8.  We will be setup at table outside of the session to help you sign up for the Influence site. 


You have various opportunities to get involved.


  • The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative gives customers and partners early insights into new SAP product developments. Afterwards, product managers will ask for the participants’ honest assessment, input, and ideas.  See: SAP Customer Engagement Initiative for more details
  • SAP Beta Testing is designed for customers who are interested in testing and experiencing our upcoming, soon-to-be-released products.  See: SAP Beta Testing for more details
  • Be among the first to adopt new SAP software with the SAP Early Adopter Care program.  Our dedicated team of experts will work with you to ensure a successful implementation.  See: SAP Early Adopter Care for more details
  • SAP Customer Connection enables you to incrementally improve the on-premise products and solutions in maintenance you are using today.  See: SAP Customer Connection for more details
  • SAP Continuous Influence provides you with the opportunity to suggest improvements on SAP products directly to the development teams. See SAP Continuous Influence for more details.


An overview of current opportunities can be found in the attached document.  A current version to "Explore Influence Opportunities and see results" can always be found on the ASUG Influence site.


Thank you in advance for helping shape the future!