Eric Halbur, ASUG MWC Chair and App Dev Mgr with Woodgrain Millwork met with other community leaders and Iowa State University leaders / students.  While on campus we had folks from FBL Financial, Danfoss, Woodgrain, and Boehringer Ingelheim available for the students to talk with.  We had about 30-40 MIS and Supply Chain students in attendance.  The overall format of the meeting changed a bit from planned, but, in short, the local business folks talked about HANA, cloud strategies, and business factors that drove customers down various SAP paths. The conversation was driven from a Harvard Business Case that Professor Cantor asked his students to read and present on.  The students were able to give us insight and thoughts based on their review of the study as well as asked good questions of the panel.  After the ISU event we had dinner with Professor Cantor and 3 students from ISU.  While at dinner we discussed some broader SAP topics as well as general business and IT topics.  There was also some good conversation on other ideas for engaging with the college in the future.


Mark this down as a 'Success'!  As a chapter, we are excited to partner with our universities, local installation members and other partners!  Thank you Eric for taking time to pull this together! 


Clyde Ford

Communications Chair